About Rachel


Hi babes! ♡

My name is Rachel and welcome to my company, Rosa & Co. After nearly 2 years of personal debate, countless back and forth and many conversations with my husband Antonio (recently married!), I had finally decided to move forward! I must say I could not ask for a better partner to encourage, support, and believe in me through this endeavor.
I started working in the jewelry industry over 10 years ago and have been since obsessed with all things glamorous. I am a mother to a sweet boy, a wife to the most amazing man, and a crazy cat lady (although I only have one). I enjoy cooking and being in my kitchen, and a lover of wine. My happy place is in the mountains and Italy. I come from an Ukrainian and Aboriginal background and have finally accomplished my dream of putting my background into my beadwork.
In advance, I kindly thank all of you beautiful people for all your support and love.
♡ Rachel